About Us

- Hey! I'm Alysha, the founder of 11:11!

When I first began my manifesting journey 10 years ago, I spent so much time figuring out what worked and what didn't. I felt like this was a journey I wanted to learn more about but no one else around me was on the same path. I felt judged for speaking about manifesting to people who didn't believe in it. I carried on quietly and started using manifesting techniques in my life without speaking to others about it. Within a few years of my journey beginning, I had built 2 businesses from zero to multi 6 figures, bought my dream house, dream car & acquired a 6 figure bank account! 11:11 is all about helping you learn more about the Law Of Attraction & self-connection so you can create a life that you love. I've created the products that I wish I had all those years ago. 

Why stationary?

Journaling has been part of my daily life for years now. I truly believe that having desk pads, journal prompts and planners helps us to feel organized and connected. I designed all of my own stationary based on the things that I use every day and what has worked for me.

Why self care kits?

Self care is something that helps us to feel more connected to ourselves and we all deserve a pamper don't we? The self care kits I have designed are a perfect treat to yourself or as a gift for someone who deserves it.

Each of my self care kits are designed to encourage a spiritual connection & help you manifest whatever you want from life.

Why clothing?

Because I couldn't help myself! I LOVE new clothes so being able to create my own clothing with a manifesting twist on it is like heaven to me!

Why a members club?

I LOVE teaching others about the Law Of Attraction! It's my absolute passion. I decided to create a low cost monthly membership so anyone and everyone can learn how to introduce manifesting into their own life.

Inside of the 11:11 members club, you'll learn how to start your own journey with the Law Of Attraction and you'll meet like minded people too. Each month you get access to a brand new workshop which will teach you all about manifesting! The members club is LIFE CHANGING! Learn more about it right here

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